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We Will Walk You Through The Process So You Can Capture Up To 80% Energy Savings !

XtraLight can manufacture custom LED retrofit kits that seamlessly transform existing luminaires into energy-efficient LED models without compromising the aesthetics of the design. Each LED retrofit kit is specifically engineered for an application to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional legacy models.

Tax & Utility Rebate Review
Environmental Impact Summary
Tax Benefits
 ROI Timetable
Reduced Energy Bill
Energy Savings Analysis
lower maintenance cost
Total Project Cost Estimate
How it Works
  • Complete the form on this page.
  • One of our representatives will be in contact to confirm your project and follow-up with any outstanding questions.
  • Our Engineering team  will design and build a custom kit utilizing the sample fixture that's been provided.
  • Full testing will be completed by the on-site NVLAP® accredited facility.
  • Photometric layouts will be created utilizing the test results to verify that all project requirements will be met.
  • The sample fixture, custom kit and all testing will be returned for evaluation.
  • Once the kit has been approved, the manufacturing will begin after the purchase order has been received. 
About XtraLight
After 30 years in the lighting industry our business philosophy is simple: Provide products that are in the best interest of our customers, and design and deliver sensible lighting solutions. We work hard to provide the best project experience to our customers, who are, and always will be our best sales team. Satisfied customers have made XtraLight successful, and are at the heart of our company.

XtraLight employs industry-leading design and engineering practices to produce the highest-quality luminaires in the industry, and continually invests in the latest technology to ensure the successful execution of your project. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing superior service, competitively-priced, and high-quality lighting products that are delivered on time, every time.

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