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Optimal lighting for all growth cycles.


-     Improves Total Crop Yields
-     Reduces Plant-To-Harvest Time
-     Increases THC Concentration
-     High Power up to 2900 µmol/s

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The Power of Full Spectrum

Our proprietary Full Spectrum has been optimized to match plants chlorophyll absorption peaks. This drives increased ATP synthesis within the plants mitochondria, which results in higher yields, reduce plant-to-harvest time, and increase THC/CBD concentration in cannabis plants.

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Best LED Grow Light 2020 PowerGrove XtraLight LED Solutions
PowerGrove LED GrowLight Continuous Run Configuration

Innovation in Light and PPF

Presenting over 2900 µmol/s in power and scalability, the PowerGrove comes in a 2x2, 2x4, and a 4 ft. continuous run configuration providing you with an entirely new level of precision lighting control.


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LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growers
LED Grow Light for biodome

GrowerCentric Lighting

Designed from the ground up, we've created a multi-configurable LED grow light suitable for any application you might have; Indoor Grows, Vertical Farming, Hydroponic Installations, University/Research Facilities, Living Walls, Greenhouses, Biodomes, Garden Centers, and more!

LED Horticulture Lighting

A Word About PPF 

PPF is measured by how much PAR (photo-synthetically active radiation) is produced per second. All emitted photons are captured, measured, and converted into a unit of measurement called micromoles per second.

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Certified By ATAL 

Like all of our lighting products, every PowerGrove unit is fabricated and built in Houston, Texas and certified through a series of rigorous testing by the America Testing and Assessment Laboratory.

LED Grow Lights Made In America

Made In The USA

We proudly design, fabricate, assemble, and test all our fixtures here in Houston, Texas. We work hard to provide the best project experience to our customers, who are, and always will be, our best sales team.